AILINS Retirement Home

Dedicated to making you feel at home

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We offer full time and day care services for old folks admitted to our home. Patients undergo exercise / physiotherapy twice a day, every day. Their diet is carefully watched, and medication is administered according to their doctors' instructions. In the event of an emergency, patients are rushed to the nearest hospital via a 15-20 minute car ride. Care in our home is given by state registered nurses, with help from general workers.

Care in our home includes:   

  1. Preparation and administration of medicine, injections, etc.
  2. Wound dressing (all types of wounds)
  3. Blood pressure and glucose monitoring
  4. Gastro feeding
  5. Administration of emergency first aid if required
  6. Skin care
  7. Diet and nutrition monitoring
  8. Hospital or clinic follow ups
  9. Home nursing
  10. Other special nursing requirements (on request)

Our goal is not just the improvement of health for our old folks, but also to create a homely atmosphere in which they can enjoy their retired days. As such, small events are organised around each festive holiday for the enjoyment of our old folks.

Our prices start at RM2000 a month for full stay, and RM200 a day for day care. Prices are negotiable and subject to increase or decrease on a case by case basis.

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